Farm Frites Deep-frozen Potato industries the Netherlands - Engineering projects e.g. placing packing lines, purchasing machines, schooling and in-house training operators and logistical work force.

Farm Frites/Aviko Deep-frozen Potato industries Poland - schooling and training production new work force, technical improvement and basic engineering Packing Departments

Farm Frites Deep-frozen Potato industries France - Engineering projects e.g. placing packing lines, schooling and training production and technical work force - Project on “give-away weights” saved €42,000/year

Talleys frozen Foods industries Ashburton, New Zealand - engineering advice packing department, advice and training personnel.

Farm Frites Deep-frozen Potato and vegetables industries Egypt. - skilled training operational personnel, advisory reports production process, engineering and improvement packing department, training management groups on programming packing equipment machines for production packing processing

ICAPP Egypt - Deep-frozen fruit and vegetables industry. - training Operators en technical personell, advice production process improvements created a savings of 100 FTE’s on a total of 120 FTE’s. Training technisch personell periodic maintenance and daily maintenance. Capacity increase of 10% thru training

Farm Frites Deep-frozen Potato industries Argentina. - training personnel, advisory reports production process, engineering and upgrading packing department, Capacity increasing project gaining 50% higher output with present equipment and saving on give away weights

Agristo Tilburg B.V. Netherlands - writing specific instruction manuals for the processing packing department, training the complete packaging workforce 

  • testing speed and product load on Ishida Multi-head
  • Testing new Bosch Bagmaker(speeds up to 115bags/min) installed in Egypt.
  • Projecting future packing lines (executed Buenos Aires Argentina)
  • Training people on using new Bosch bagmaker in combination with Ishida Multi-head weigher.
  • Improving product transport and eliminating product spillage by using a spanned stainless steel cable(executed in Egypt)
  • Testing new packaging method for liquid spinach directly packed to be frozen(Egypt)
  • Decreasing "give-aways" to a minimum, improving efficiency and cost price.
  • training operators at Agristo Tilburg B.V. Netherlands


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